Third Week in Buenos Aires

So after settling in to my new home,  it was time to get busy. I started volunteering at a charity called ph15 which does community work through photography with kids in slums. I’m just helping out in their office at first, but I did get into the darkroom and play around with some old cameras. So much fun after such a long time!

Sam, the manager of my hostel, sent me on a free bike tour from the guys at 054 to learn about Fileteado, a type of flamboyant and colourful art that originates here, and is everywhere. Cycling around this city is nuts, but it really made me miss my bike – I’ve got to get one.  At the end of my third week I went to an interview at The Argentinian Independent to discuss doing a photography internship with them. Obviously I was quite excited, even more so when they told me i’d got it! I took my book to show them, (thanks Bean and Eddie) and apparently they liked it. I was to start a week later…

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