Buenos Aires Second Week

At the start of my second week, I called Sorrel Williams, a journalist from the BA Herald whose details I got from a friend in England, Sophie. Sorrel couldn’t help me out with any work directly, but she did have a lot of contacts, and gave me a whole list of people I should get in touch with. More on that later!

My second week was mainly spent wandering around a barrio called San Telmo, just south of the centre, again soaking up the sights and sounds, handing out my CV (in Spanish and English) to various hostels. By Thursday I had a job, 2 hours a day serving breakfast at Hostel Inn Tango City in exchange for rent. Perfect! After some partying and a huge asado with almost the whole Crivaro family, I was ready to go. By the end of the week I was settled in at my new home: Hostel Inn Buenos Aires, 4 blocks down from where I work. The view from my balcony is the last photo, what do you reckon?

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