Buenos Aires first week.

That familiar and well missed feeling is back. Being in a completely new place, starting fresh, having to build a new life. Different language, different culture. I love it. My first week was mainly spent walking around on my own, soaking it all up, getting to know the city. What a city! Big, dirty, and full of life. Much like any other city I suppose. Just very different to what I am used to. I am very lucky to have a friend, Nacho, living here with his family, I stayed with them when I got here and they were really welcoming; I felt like their long lost son!

So in my first week, I played football, interviewed the head of the largest Japanese garden in the world outside of Japan, went to a drum and bass party, ate asado, (grilled beef and chorizo) went to a jazz gig, spoke a lot of spanish, took photos for a bi-lingual cultural exchange called Spanglish, saw Boca Juniors vs Tigre, went on a long bike ride and soaked up the sun at a hippy music festival by the river. All this plus hours and hours walking around, learning about my new surroundings. Phew! Busy busy – the way it’s gotta be.

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