So Hardip came to visit, which was unexpected and really lovely. It also meant that me Dylan had the excuse to plan a suprise for the girls (Ana being the other girl)  and go to some amazing places! After a gorgeous sunset boat ride on Lake Chapala, we headed to the coast the next morning in our rented car. The drive was beautiful, and the place we stayed, Copacabanas near Barra de Navidad, well, it was pretty much paradise. Right next to a huge empty beach, we had a wooden cabin between us which opened out onto the sea, with a great little pool. We saw a sea turtle lay it’s eggs at night and saw the most amount of stars I have ever seen. Beautiful times!

After two days of chilling it was time to continue the mini roadtrip, heading towards the mountains. We spent a night camping on the side of a volcano and then the next day driving some very, very sketchy roads. Even though Hardip only passed her test in the summer, she impressed us all. I was shitting myself, as some of these roads were still being built! It was back to GDL late, then up early to return the car without them noticing all the dents in the front, which they didn’t thanks to Temoc’s crafty Mexican ways. The next few days were spent showing Hardip around, before a great night out at Bar Americas, then suddenly it was time for her to go. Bubble popped, saying goodbye was horrible for sure.

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