Orphange, Dia de los Muertos, Football

Through CEPE, the school where Dylan is studying, we volunteered at an orphange for 4 – 12 year old boys, which was quite an interesting experience. To be honest it was complete carnage, all of the boys going crazy, all clearly needing an outlet for their energy. They loved my camera, literally fighting for a place in front of it!

For the weekend of halloween, we went to celebrate Day of the Dead in a very small town south of Mexico City called Tixla. Clearly the only white people for miles, we were stuffed full of Pozole (a gorgeous meaty soup) and Mezcal (a stronger version of tequila) by Kiesiev’s wonderful family, before witnessing a crazy parade with various local bands and people dressed up as all sorts of weird things. A weird and wonderful mezcal fuelled night followed, leaving us a bit delicate the next day for the long trip back to Guadalajara.

Dylan and I have been playing a lot of football in Guadalajara, and after a week or two of really stiff legs, I began to get into the swing of things. We play in a concrete court where anyone can just turn up and play, so this means the jugadores are quite a varied bunch, both in age and skill. The pace is quick, the style aggressive, but loads of fun. Very different to the small bit of football I have played back home! This photo was taken after a sweaty 3 hour midday session, where almost everyone was significantly older, and significantly better than us. I think it is one of my favourite photos I have taken in Guadalajara.

2 thoughts on “Orphange, Dia de los Muertos, Football

  1. Hi Andy,
    Had a lovely lunch break enjoying reading through your blog! Looks amazing, meeting so many people and visiting strange places (I liked the story about the madman Steve Sisson!) x

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