Guadalajara, Mexico, Part One

After an emotional goodbye with my best friend at Orlando International, I got on a plane to Houston, then on to Guadalajara. What a name! Possibly the best combination of the letter ‘a’ ever. And what a city. Nothing could of prepared me for the size and intensity of it all. Absolutely massive, heaving, loud and cool. A  young hipster-student type scene mixed with a more traditional Mexican feel makes for a very unique place.

When I first arrived I stayed at Hospedarte Hostel which is a fantastic hostel. Relaxed, full of friendly people with a very international feel, it was my perfect introduction to Mexican life. I started to explore Guadalajara with my new friends Inti (above) and Temoc. So much to see and do, I was kept very busy for a couple of weeks.

Getting used to being on my own was hard at first, but it wasn’t really much of a problem because everyone at the hostel was in the same boat more or less, and really friendly. Getting my Spanish started was my first priority, which Inti helped me with, then learning my way around and exploring Guadalajara, which was (and still is!) a lot of fun.

3 thoughts on “Guadalajara, Mexico, Part One

  1. Awesome Andy! so many many memories seeing these pictures. I still remember our apartment with Temoc and the parties there…. Almost four years now! Good luck and continue taking nice Photos around the World.

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