Caribbean Cruise

After a couple of days chilling in Orlando, and a few more at the beach house, it was time to return to West Palm Beach to give the van back to Shannon’s parents, Brad and Jolynn. We had been on the road for two whole months, and traveled more than four thousand miles, the biggest journey any of us have ever done. Nice one Shannon and James! We still had a few weeks left to kill before our flight so James and I decided to book a last minute cruise. We got a whole week, everything included except alcohol, three stops around the caribbean, for £300. Bargain! It was a complete joke, a million miles away from what we were doing just a few weeks previously. Sleeping on floors and in car parks is very different to being waited on hand on foot, with free room service 24hours a day, in the Caribbean! We stopped in Ochos Rios, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands and Cozumel, Mexico. All were tropical paradises, with white sand and clear blue water, allthough I found Jamaica pretty sketchy.





We each smuggled a bottle of vodka on board, thus avoiding a hefty bar bill and still managing to get drunk pretty much every night! The boat itself was huge, The Carnival Liberty, bigger by far than any boat I have ever been on. It is a floating city, with three swimming pools, full gym, steam room and sauna, various bars and clubs, casino (in which I won $60 on roulette!) and full theatre. It was also party central, we certainly met a few interesting characters of all ages and backgrounds. We basically had a week of fun in the sun, living in complete luxury. We both flew the day after we got back, James to the UK and myself to Guadalajara, Mexico, where I am now. The story continues!




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