Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I came to Pittsburgh with not very high expectations, not knowing anything about the city, or what we were going to do there. How wrong I was. We stayed with Shannon’s friend Kate, Bobby Valentine and Mark Mulville, who are all top guys and welcomed us fully into their large circle of friends. When we got there we went straight to Mark Potoczny’s house out in the hills where a BBQ/BMX Jam was in full session. All of the guys there were fantastic BMX riders, (Both the Marks are sponsored) and they tore up the dirt jumps that the Potoczny’s have built in their yard. See photos below!




The first night James and I had our first drive-in cinema experience. A fantastic idea, shame we don’t have the weather for it in Britain. Ten of us, drunk, in the back of a transit van (“the rape van”) – absolute jokes. We did quite a lot of skating in Pittsburgh, there is a lush concrete bowl park five minutes from Kates house. I really, really enjoyed that, after not skating for so long. Bowls are fantastic, just cruising and pumping around. I never want to do an ollie again! We explored various parts of the city, taking a trip up the incline for a gorgeous view on a sunny day. We also saw a fair bit of art, including a great Anish Kapoor exhibition in the city centre, a really cool gallery called The Mattress Factory and The Andy Warhol Museum. (he is buried in Pittsburgh, his home town – we visited his grave as well.) We discussed politics and literature with Bobby, BMXing and skate vids with Mulville, and drank a lot of cheap beer with everyone else. 80’s night on Thursday was a great laugh! Basically We Dig PA!






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