Upstate New York

This part of or trip was exactly what we needed after the hecticness of the city. Pine trees covered the hills mile after mile like a thick green blanket, which kind of restored my faith in the world that America actually hasn’t destroyed everything and rinsed all of its natural resources. Beautiful to drive through, especially when the roads were empty. We went to visit Shannon’s friend Amy Mortimore who magically came up with a log cabin next to a lake for us to stay in. A whole house to ourselves for four days, thanks Amy! It was actually her parents old house so thanks to them too. We paddled about in kayaks on the lake, played chess in the sun, made patterns with leaves, read, watched movies, cooked and generally relaxed. The polar opposite to New York City. It was a really nice change.




We continued our drive north to Niagra Falls, choosing to cross the border into Canada as the U.S side was pretty much a ghetto. We sailed on The Maid of the Mist right up to the base of both the American and the Canadian falls, a truly awesome experience, reminding us just how powerful water can be. After leaving the intense cheesiness of the Niagra tourist trap, we spent 3 days camped next to Lake Ontario, where we didn’t do much, really.




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