New York, New York

In New York we stayed with Lauren, Haley, Devin and Molly, who very kindly let us sleep on the floor of their apartment in Chelsea, Manhattan. Right round the corner from Madison Square Gardens, this was downtown New York. For free! Big thanks to those guys, especially as they showed us round, partied with us and were generally very good hosts. New York is a fantastic city, we all had such a good time here; so much to see and do, cool, interesting things everywhere and a really good vibe about the whole place. The first thing we did when we got there was go up to The High Line which is a disused rail track above the city that has been turned into a park, which  runs about thirty blocks from north to south, on Manhattans west side. What a great idea, really brings much needed breathing space to New York’s very busy streets.




We saw loads of art in New York, from massive galleries like The MOMA and The Metropolitan Museum of Art (which has a brilliant view of Central Park from it’s roof) with lots of big name artists, to tiny galleries which give out free alcohol on thursday nights at their previews. You have to know where to go for these though, but luckily enough we had Devin who was in know, which resulted in a very cultured, creative, yet messy thursday night. Alcohol and art: an awesome combination. Today and Everyday.




We did so much in New York that it is impossible to write in detail about all of it, else I would be here forever. But some things worth mentioning are: Central Park, which is massive, The Statue of Liberty, which we saw for free from the Staten Island Ferry, Times Square was crazy and eye boggling, Ground Zero was a building site but the 9/11 museum was terrifying, we were all glad we visited it however. The sheer size of Manhattan is also worth mentioning, some of the avenues go on for miles and miles. The amount of money in the city is also crazy, as is the amount of shopping there is to be done, if thats what you want. The Village is on par with Shoreditch in terms of hipness, scenesters aplenty. I loved it! Also the sheer amount of people everywhere doing random things on the street; artists, musicians, street perfomers, gamblers, chess players, dog walkers, joggers etc. The city is constantly buzzing, a great thing in my opinion. After four days in the city it was time to head back to the van. A special mention has to go to Cousin John; a relative of Shannon’s, he let us park the van at his house on Long Island, then stuffed us full of BBQ and Margeritas when we got back. The outcome of that night is in the bottom photo. Messy!



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