Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jenny Salois and Brendon put us up while we were in the area of Phil-a-del-fee-yuurh, a welcome break from all the camping we had been doing. They also had air-con! An excellent invention, even more so when you have been sweating half your body weight every night for three weeks. Thankyou to those guys, who were both really sound and good hosts. We spent an afternoon wandering around south street, which is a perfect, trouble free mixture of ghetto/bling central and arty bohemian chic. Love it. James and I got lost in the various sneaker stores, so many hi-tops! Our night out started with us being told that in an hour or so it was not wise for us to be where we were, as we were white and that particular weekend was the Greek Picnic, which is a yearly reunion of all the frat boys, and always draws the wrong crowd. We swiftly moved on, found a cool little club playing decent house, and danced the night away. Good times.



The next day we spent walking around downtown; another city full of weird and wonderful people it seems. We saw the sights and enjoyed the sun and fountains, as there was a lot of both. Later on we went to Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens which was a fantastic experience; all sorts of stairs, passageways, rooms and tunnels, all made out of mosiac. So colourful and interesting, we spent quite a while inside! Then it was time to decide on a pair of trainers and head back into the country, nice one Philly!





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