Raleigh, North Carolina

After Savannah we stopped at Carolina Beach for a few days, to get some sun, after a quick stopover in Charleston, South Carolina. There we found an absolutely huge oak tree called The Angel Oak, estimated to be around 1500 years old (!) It was truly a fantastic sight. Then on to Raleigh, where we found an absolute jem of a campsite- probably the best one on our whole trip – for only five bucks a night each. Thats about 3 british pounds a night for a private spot with a path down to the lake, which was ten metres away. Our own private beach! It was so gorgeous we ended up spending five nights there.





We spent July 4th (American Independance Day) at Raleigh County Fairgrounds which was pretty interesting, lots of stereotypical Americans enjoying the festivities which mainly involved eating, shooting guns and fireworks. Raleigh doesn’t really have anything going on, the art gallery was uninteresting and empty, and we didn’t find any nightlife to speak of. I suppose its just a normal quiet southern town, but then again we didn’t have anyone to show us round, which as we learned later on can really make the difference.



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