Savannah, Georgia

Heat, storms, plenty of wildlife and a really cool, small American city with a British feel. They love St Patrick’s day here, we saw a clock  counting down til the next one: random! Apparently they put green dye in all the fountains and the city goes nuts, wasn’t really expecting that sort of thing from a southern state. Plenty of characters here, Savannah is known for its quirky inhabitants; they fill up the gorgeous leafy squares, of which there are twenty one, giving the downtown area a unique, quaint, park type feel. We really enjoyed our time here; it was Shannons birthday so we partied! It is legal in Savannah to drink alcohol on the streets if it is in a plastic cup, which means you can take drinks from bar to bar. This equals messy times for sure.

The tent Shannon’s Mum bought us held up really well during the biggest thunderstorm I have ever seen, I didn’t think it was possible that so much water could come down from the sky. Then ten minutes later, glorious sunshine and back up to thirty five degrees again; see the bottom photo for the water evaporating after the storm.





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