Myself and a very good friend of mine James Ringrose left the UK on the 11th of July, and flew to Orlando, Florida, where we met his twice removed third cousin, (or something like that) Shannon Fidler. We mooched around Florida for quite a while, spending time in Orlando, West Palm Beach, Miami and Melbourne beach, where Shannons parents have a gorgeous beach house. It was probably two weeks before we set off on the actual thing we had come to do, a roadtrip up the east coast. We camped and couch surfed, caught a lot of sun on various beaches, got eaten alive by mosquitos, saw loads of sights, famous landmarks and art. We walked, swam, drove, rode fixed gear bikes, skateboarded, danced and generally had a fantastic time. 2 months, 4000 miles and one crazy hillbilly later, here is the story, bit by bit accompanied by my photos. Enjoy, and let me know what you think! BIGLOVE goes to Shannon and James for a truly wonderful summer.


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